About Us

Hi there, my name is Olivia and I live with my corgi girl Kiki in beautiful British Columbia. Kiki has been a big part of my life ever since the moment she stepped into my home. Just like many of you, I see my dog as part of my family and want the best for her. 

Many of us spend hours and hours researching quality food that will provide the essential nutrition for our dogs to make sure they're happy and healthy, so why shouldn't we hold the same standards when it come to treats -- one of the important ways we use to train our dogs, show them affection and allow them to enjoy a variety of food which leads to higher quality of life. 

Through my personal experience, I notice that many treats on the market claim to be all-natural, but once I turn over the package and read the ingredients list, they're full of fillers such as starch, peas, baking powder, unnecessary flavouring, as well as high fat content. While they may be all-natural for humans, those ingredients provide little to no nutritional value for dogs. It's like feeding potato chips to children and only leads to problems such as low energy and obesity.

That's why I wanted to create a box that is truly committed to bringing you healthy, nutritious treats and chews made of simple ingredients such as real meats and vegetables, that can act as supplement to your dog's diet

Spoil your pooch today with a Paws Bento, and you will notice the difference in quality of our selection of treats and chews!