Handcrafted 100% Natural Pet Treats
Made in Canada
Grain-free. No Preservatives. Human Grade.

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Our Mission

At Paws Bento, we believe our pets are our family. Paws Bento's mission is to provide our best friend a happier, higher quality of life through top quality products that promotes health and wellness in pets, bonding you and your pets through trust and love.

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Why Choose Paws Bento?

Peace of mind

All of our ingredients are simple, natural, and certified for human consumption. Made with real proteins and fresh produce to maximize nutrition contents.

Allergy Aware

We avoid common allergens for pets such as wheat, soy, and corn. Our products are all free of preservatives and additives.

ethically sourced

We use meat products that are either wild harvested or humanely raised and fed quality diets.

Proudly Canadian

All of our products are made and packaged in Beautiful British Columbia.

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What Our Customers Say

Our dog loved her first box, and so did we! The Paws Bento comes with 100% natural and 100% digestible chews, which Bentley goes over the moon for. It also included an adorable bow tie and stuffed toy!

We’ll definitely purchase again!

Daniel S. & Bentley

Alphie is my fourteen-year-old good boy. He is a border collie that loves to play, nap, and chew. This box fills all his needs, even in his old age. He's happily munching away on the treats, already gone through the bully sticks, and "tenderly" loving the sushi plushy. Thanks so much, Paws Bento!

Janice L. & Alpha

My dog Odie was diagnosed with kidney disease when he was 6 months old and as a result, needs to be on a very controlled diet. I liked that Paws Bento strive to provide Canadian products and that the treats they provide have simple ingredients. He really loved his first box and it was great for me to know that he was getting good treats, toys, and to discover great Canadian brands along the way.

Maddy S. & Odie

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