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About Us:

Paws Bento is currently owned and operated in Ontario by a couple of dog lovers. After opening Canada's first custom handmade, organic, local supporting Dog Subscription Box, PreciousCoCo Inc., we have opted to integrate Paws Bento into our Precious Family Business. 

We know that, "A high-quality diet is the key to a high-quality life."

Our mission is to bring pets the healthy, happy lives that they deserve. Our goal is to bond you and your pets, through products that are pure, natural, and nutritious to keep your best friend healthy and by your side for the long haul.

Today, many commercial pet products are filled with additives and preservatives to extend the shelf life and profit more at the detriment of our pets’ health.

We take pride in our products and stand by our quality. You can find the following guarantees in our entire collection:

❦ No Preservatives

❦ No Additives

❦ Grain-Free & Gluten-Free

❦ Human Grade Ingredients


From Local Farms that are:








🐾 Where are the treats made?

As of 2021, all treats are made by employees at Paws Bento here in Canada, both in Toronto, Ontario and Sherbrooke, Quebec. 

Originally starting out in the Beautiful British Columbia in 2018, you can still hear the Paws Bento brand echoing the streets.

🐾 What are the standards of the ingredients used in your treats?

All ingredients we source are inspected by health authorities, often certified for human consumption, and meats are never raised with hormones or antibiotics. 

🐾 What is the process of making your treats?

Most of our treats are processed by dehydrating. Dehydration is a process of placing raw ingredient under low heat for an extended period of time, the result is gently cooked with highly condensed nutrients.

🐾 Where do you ship? How much does shipping cost? 

We're currently ship to Canada (except for Yukon, North West Territories and Nunavut).

🐾 I don't like online shopping, can I buy your products in stores?

Yes! Please visit our Where to Buy page to find the nearest retailer to you. We're working on bringing our products to your neighbourhood, if you have a store in mind where our products might be a good fit, please shoot us an email pawsbento@gmail.com!