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Free Shipping over $75. Free Local Delivery over $40 in Vancouver.
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About / FAQ

About Us:

I have dreamt of having a dog of my own someday since I was a child. In 2015, Kiki the corgi came into my life when I was unexpected laid off from my very first  full time job after school. During this time of self-doubt and confusion, she gave me companionship, taught me responsibility and patience. Looking back, this time off was meant for me to really bond with the canine companion I have longed for, for as long as I can remember.

A few years have gone by since, Kiki has really became a part of my family, and I love her more each day. As a maker at heart, there is something special in using my own two hands to get creative and make treats for my four-legged friend, while being able to see the quality and ingredients that go into her snacks from start to finish. 

Paws Bento prides itself in its natural ways and high quality ingredients being used in our products, we're always looking for new ways to connect with local agriculture. And I hope our products will share the love, and bond you and your pets as much as they bonded Kiki and I.

🐾Where are the treats made?

- All treats are made by employees at Paws Bento here in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

🐾What are the standards of the ingredients used in your treats

- All ingredients we source are inspected by health authorities, often certified for human consumption, and meats are never raised with hormones or antibiotics. 

🐾What is the process of making your treats

- Most of our treats are processed by dehydrating. Dehydration is a process of placing raw ingredient under low heat for a extended period of time, the result is gently cooked with highly condensed nutrients.

🐾Where do you ship to, and how much does shipping cost? 

- We're currently ship to Canada (except for Yukon, North West Territories and Nunavut). Shipping is free for orders over $75, and a $12 flat rate across Canada.

🐾I don't like online shopping, can I buy your products in stores?

- Yes! Please visit our Where to Buy page to find the nearest retailer to you. We're working on bringing our products to your neighbourhood, if you have a store in mind where our products might be a good fit, please shoot us an email!