Partner of the Month - Butters & Bee

Partner of the Month - Butters & Bee

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed made-in-B.C., single ingredient treats from the August Paws Bento box. This month’s summer beach party box comes with a cute little waste bag holder. If you own a dog, chances are you will find a poop bag holder rather handy during walks, so why not do your business in fashion? ;)

The hand-made waste bag holders came to us from Canadian boutique Butters & Bee and Sydney — the woman behind the brand who runs the show from design, fabric sourcing, cutting, sewing to packaging. The idea of Butters & Bee came with Sydney’s excitement of receiving her new puppy — Butters. When Butters was born this February, Sydney had everything prepared to welcome the newest member of her family except for one thing, she wanted Butters to have matching bandanas with her cat Ashby. Sydney has been a long-time DIY-er, and is passionate about creating, as well as sewing. With the thoughts of creating matching Bandanas for her beloved pets in mind, she turned to Pinterest for help, and from there she learned to create over-collar Bandana for dogs and cats. It took multiple iterations and adjustments before Sydney finally achieved the perfect designs, during the process, some of her extended four-legged family members have been actively helping out by trying on the accessories; That includes her dad’s dog Bruins, and her grandmother’s dog Khali. After multiple rounds of tweaking and collecting enough fabric in her house to open a fabric store, it was time to open an Etsy store and share these results she’s proud of, with other pet owners around the world.


Sydney with her pets Butters and Ashby


Shortly after launching Butters & Bee in March this year, the store soon expanded its product lines to not only bandanas, but also a handy fabric waste bag holder, which are light-weighted and doubles up as a cute piece of decoration for the leash or training pouch. Each piece sold in Butters & Bee starts as a hobby to fulfill Sydney’s passion for creating and sewing rather than as a piece of merchandise. The “Play First, Work Second” mindset has helped Sydney come up with unique and interesting designs.

Just like Paws Bento, Butters & Bee has only begun their wonderful journey in 2018, and Sydney is proud that in such a short period of time, she’s been able to branch out from just bandanas to a mix of fun products. If you’re also into matching your pet’s fashion accessories like Sydney, make sure to check out Butters & Bee as she has explicitly created a set of products that pets and parents can twin in!

At last, we wish the very best to Butters & Bee, and we’re looking forward to more practical, fun designs coming out of this Canadian boutique.

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