July Partner of the Month: ZoeAndLulu Pet Boutique brings beautiful handmade dog collars and dog toys

July Partner of the Month: ZoeAndLulu Pet Boutique brings beautiful handmade dog collars and dog toys

Responsible dog ownership requires providing proper exercise for our dogs, both physically and mentally, and tug toy is a great way to achieve both in one go! Minute-to-minute play is one of the most intensive workout for dogs, which means, if you’ve got a little ball of energy at home, tug toys can tire them out quickly. Moreover, it also builds trust between the human and the dog, and builds the dog’s confidence when you let him win. This month’s Paws Bento comes with a beautiful French themed tug rope, each of them carefully hand-braided by dog mom Nathalie from ZoeAndLulu in Longueuil, Quebec.

Three years ago, Nathalie adopted her first French Bulldog -- Zoé. It wasn’t long before Zoé became a big part of her life and a beloved member of her family.  Before Nathalie realizes, she has already purchased over 40 collars for her little Frenchie! When the second Frenchie -- Luna joined the family, Nathalie reazlied it’d be a good idea to make collars for her beloved Frenchies herself.  Pet boutique ZoeAndLulu -- named after the two French Bulldog sisters, was then born in September, 2017. Before opening the Boutique, Nathalie had no prior experience of sewing; But when there’s a will, there’s a way. After taking basic lessons, then private lessons, and after many nights of practices, Nathalie has now become a confident and skilled crafter, and has produced a series of beautifully designed collars, bow ties, as well as handmade dog toys.



ZoeAndLulu’s business philosophy include keeping a low waste, and giving back to the community. Whenever there are scraps left over from projects, Nathalie will use her creativity to make an interesting new item from the scraps. The idea of the tug rope that you saw in Paws Bento is one of them, the idea spawned when Nathalie came across remaining fleece from making Snuffle Mats, with with her own two hands, she created a highly interactive toy that encourages happy and healthy living for dogs. Since 4 years ago, Nathalie has been volunteering consistently at animal shelters, and has been donating 15% of sales to support the Galgos and Podencos in Spain. When asked what is important to her business, she answered that giving back is, and will always be one of the most important parts to the way she does business.

We really enjoyed working with ZoeAndLulu this month, and are impressed by the quality and design of the tug toys. We wish Nathalie and her two Frenchies the very best, and look forward to seeing more unique and beautiful items coming out of this adorable boutique!

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