Organic Chicken Hearts ♥️
Organic Chicken Hearts ♥️
Organic Chicken Hearts ♥️
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Organic Chicken Hearts ♥️

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Certified Organic Chicken Hearts from antibiotic-free, GRASS-FED, HUMANE & NATURAL, 100% GMO FREE, FREE RANGE, SUSTAINABLE, LOCALLY RAISED and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Farm in Peterborough County. These mouth-watering chicken hearts contain:

  • B vitamins, iron and essential fatty acids (keep your dog’s coat soft and neat).
  • Phosphorus (maintain your dog's bones).
  • Folate (provide DNA health and prevent IBD and anemia).
  • Thiamine (nourish high-energy organs like the brain, heart and improve carbohydrate metabolism).
  • Taurine (support normal heart function, immunity, brain and eye health).

    Net Weight: 60g

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